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Lockdown Highs and Lows

Covid -19 and Lockdown has definitely had a large impact on us all.

Traffic on our network has increased by as much as 50% with the increased numbers of our customers working and schooling from home.

To deal with this we are:

  1. Increasing capacities to parts of the network: bringing fibre to Humbie, Garvald, North Middleton and to a mast outside East Linton. Two of these have been delivered and the other two are imminent.
  2. Upgrading our core network infrastructure to cope with this increased load. This is a project that we were already working on, but we have accelerated and modified its implementation. The first stages of this have been completed and work is underway to improve of the speed and intermittent issues on the network.

Whilst we are carrying out these updates we have had the additional challenge today of radio interference across the network. Ofcom are involved in investigating and removing the source of the interference.  Meanwhile the team have been re-connecting the radios impacted as quickly as possible as each new incident arose.

The Lothian Broadband team want to thank you for sticking with us, we have customer service at the top of our priority list and the team are working hard to ensure customers get the best possible service from us during these challenging times.